Monday, July 16, 2012

Find Me on Etsy!

Guess what?!  I make homemade baby ring slings and you can find me on Etsy!

Click Here to Visit the Smiling Seamstress on Etsy

Here are three examples of slings I have made:

You will find a sling to be extremely useful! I put mine on each time I take the baby to the grocery store. It's quick and easy and I don't have to carry in her infant seat. It's also great in public; strangers are less likely to want to touch your baby because she is snuggled up to you. Finally, it creates less bulk. You won't always need your stroller because you can just put your baby in the sling. It folds nicely to fit in the diaper bag so it's always handy. I even use mine around the house when my baby is fussy and just wants to be close!

Look me up on Etsy and ask me about custom orders!  I would be happy to sew one for you in your favorite colors.

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