About Me

Welcome to The Natural Blog!  This website is so exciting to me because you can take the journey with me and my family as we try to live more and more naturally.  Contained in the tabs and pages you will find information about whole foods, natural recipes, cooking tips (although I don’t claim to be a chef), recipes and tips for homemade cleaning products, natural baby ideas, stories about our six crazy egg-laying hens and funny life experiences. 
My name is Lindsey.  My husband and I were married in the fall of 2009 and we have L-O-V-E-D every minute of it.  We started our natural journey then….sort of.  We decided that once we were married I would be a homemaker and quit teaching school.  That gave me an amazing opportunity to learn so much around our house.  I make three meals a day, do laundry, clean, sew, read, organize, crochet, write love notes to my husband, and tons of other fun stuff.  Homemaking has more depth than some people think!
Our food journey began after we were married and I started cooking.  I made everything from “scratch”…meaning, canned soups, supermarket meat, bleached flour tortillas, etc.  We called it from “scratch” because it wasn’t boxed.  Then, we started reading labels and saying, “What is monosodium glutamate?  Sodium phosphate? Dextrose? BHT?  GMO?”  So, we stopped buying canned soups.  I started making my own cream of chicken with broth left over from boiling chicken.  Then we began thinking, “How are these chickens raised?  What do they feed these cows?  Is this fruit sprayed with pesticides?”  Once you begin asking those kinds of questions it’s a never ending learning experience.  We have watched some interesting documentaries that have opened our eyes to the large food industry.  We started realizing the importance of buying natural and buying local when possible.  Now, here we are.  Crazy natural people.  Ok, not really crazy.  It just may seem that way to those who don’t know about how meat animals are raised, how vegetables are genetically modified, etc.  The truth is everything we eat is guilt free. We feel like we’re doing the best we can for our body to give it a fighting chance against health problems.  You wouldn’t fill your car with gasoline that had trash in it so why feed your body junk?  Sure, it tastes good in your mouth but what happens after that? What we eat becomes part of our body.
Reading food labels made us start wondering about lots of other things.  As a homemaker, I used lots of cleaning products.  How many chemicals was I putting into the air for us to breathe just by cleaning the floors or the bathroom?  What about lotion?  We were smearing it on, it was soaking into our skin but what’s in it?  Sunscreen? Bug repellant? Makeup? Toothpaste? Think of all the things we’re exposed to even from birth.  How do our bodies handle it?!  Well, they don’t very well.  Our bodies become sick, over weight and often times cancerous.  I want to live a healthy life and teach that to my children.  I want to eat and live naturally like my great-grandparents did. 
Join us on a journey that can change your life!

From teacher to homemaker in a matter of minutes