Baby Steps

Diving into the world of natural food can sometimes be overwhelming because there is so much to learn.  So, I have designed this section titled "Baby Steps" where you can learn and apply one element at a time.  I'll list a new one each week.  If you already practice something listed then you're just ahead of the game!  If you skip a week then just pick up whenever you can.
Take the natural journey one step at a time.  Follow these baby steps as I post them and enjoy peace of mind knowing you're choosing better options.  Eating/living naturally doesn't have to be complicated!

Week 1:  Buy whole wheat bread   Read This Post

Week 2:  Avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup .  Read the labels on the food you buy.  If it's overwhelming, start by purchasing a brand of ketchup that doesn't contain HFCS.  There is one!  Also, leave sodas out of your life!!  Then, slowly start filtering it out of other foods you buy.

Week 3:  Buy good chicken.  Read here. I suggested a brand at the bottom of the post.  Maybe you think it's just too expensive to buy good chicken.  Well, buy the good stuff and space out your chicken meals with veggie meals.  It's worth it.

Week 4:  Start taking Cod Liver Oil capsules.    (Always speak with you doctor first.)

Week 5:   Cut the fast food.  Surely I don't have to tell you why!  You would be amazed at the amount of ingredients/preservatives/junk that is in the bun/"meat"/ name it.  I understand that sometimes you need fast food.  The best option we have found is Wendy's baked potato and garden side salad.  Skip the butter because it's not real.  The dressing for their salads are all natural (aside from the soybean oil).  You can do it.  I believe in you.

Week 6:  If you're going to use noodles of some kind (spaghetti, rotini, penne, etc) buy whole wheat.  They're a tad more expensive than the regular ones but you can do it.  Our supermarket has a store brand we like. They taste and cook up just like noodles you're used to.

Week 7:  Switch to coconut oil.  

Week 8:  Cook exclusively with dry beans (no cans).  This saves money and is super healthy.  Learn how to cook them here.

Week 9:  Stop using store-bought lotion and start using the coconut oil you bought.  It's much better for your skin because it doesn't contain unhealthy ingredients.

Week 10:  Buy good beef from a farmer's market or a local farmer you know.  Skip the supermarket nastiness.  Read more about it here and here.

Week 11:  Remove corn from your diet whether it's whole kernel or a corn syrup ingredient.  Most of it is genetically modified and your body doesn't need it.