Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Meat Washed in Acid

I recently read about a new company coming to our state.  It will create many new jobs (which is always great) but I was very interested in this particular company.  The article states that the facility will produce peroxyacetic acid that will be used to sanitize meat and poultry to reduce or eliminate pathogenic organisms such as E. coli and salmonella. 

I have previously written about the problems with big industry meat.  Here is an excerpt from my article:

"The [supermarket] beef contains traces of hormones, antibiotics and other chemicals that were never produced by any cow. That hamburger looks fresh, but it may be two weeks old and injected with gases to keep it cherry red. Take a closer look at that “guaranteed tender and juicy” filet of beef. The juiciness may have been “enhanced” with a concoction of water, salt, preservatives and other additives.
More ominous, the beef also may be infected with food-borne bacteria, including E. coli 0157:H7. Some experts believe this toxic E. coli evolved in cattle that were fed high-grain diets. Every year, hundreds of thousands of pounds of beef products are recalled. One of the largest recalls to date took place in October 2007 when Topps Meat company recalled 21.7 million pounds of hamburger because of potential E. coli contamination. The massive recall actually put the company out of business." MotherEarthNews
 So, why do we need a company to manufacture peroxyacetic acid to wash our meat?  Because those who produce the supermarket meat do not raise the animals the way they were intended.  They feed them diets they wouldn't normally eat in nature and that creates "pathogenic organisms" which then need to be killed by washing the meat in peroxyacetic acid. 

In conclusion, if you can find grass fed beef at a farmer's market, buy it. 

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