Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Great Chicken Light Debate

As the winter months set in, laying hens usually don't lay as much.  I knew that but seeing it in your own backyard is devastating because, well, I reaaallly like eggs.  What to do?  Grandpa keeps a light on in his hen house 24/7.  Many people do that so the hens will keep laying.  Supposedly, laying hens need about 14 hours of sunlight or their bodies kind of go into winter mode.  Obviously, this is natural.  What isn't natural is that there are six laying hens living in my backyard that I am feeding and caring for so I want eggs!

So, here's the debate....should we put a light in their coop so they might keep laying or let them have their down time?  Decisions, decisions....

Oh, how I miss you all.

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