The Homestead

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any dwelling with its land and buildings where a family makes its home.

I share my little homestead with my handsome husband, six crazy egg-laying chickens and one smart dog.  Soon I'll also be sharing it with a sweet little baby who happens to be due in April 2012!
We live in a small suburban town on a regular lot that measures 70' wide and 110' deep.  We have plenty of room in the backyard for chickens, a good sized garden, blueberry bushes, the smart dog and a nice sized deck to enjoy it all from.  In the front yard, we conveniently used the flower bed to grow sweet potatoes.  The vines look decorative but there's food underneath!
We're always trying to come up with better ways to use our space.  We don't have a farm but we do have a suburban lot that can do more than grow grass!


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