Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bulk Food from Country Life

Eating natural is something I enjoy.  Something I don't enjoy, however, is grocery shopping (plus, some of these things can't be purchased at the super market).  So, in case you are interested, here is a list of things we order in bulk from Country Life Natural Foods.

Garlic, Powder, Domestic  17oz
Peanut Butter, Smooth, NS  35#
Whole Wheat Flour, Prairie Gold, CCF (white) 10#
Tortilla Chips (non GMO) Yellow OG, Whole Grain  16oz
Real Salt 
Cornmeal (non GMO) yellow, OG (whole grain w/ germ) 25#
Navy Beans, OG 25#... will last you a long time
Peas, green split 25#
Sunflower seeds (raw) 5#
Peanuts, Spanish, RNS 25#
Raisins, black flame, large 30#
Rumford Baking Powder (Aluminum free) 5#
Coconut oil 50#... lasts us one year
Yeast, SAF- Instant Red (Baking) 1#
Oats, Regular Rolled 25#...lasts us a year and a half
Pineapple dices, low sugar, IMP 5#

I think that’s it.  The things in bold are what I would consider “must haves” and would suggest getting them to start with. 

We mix peanuts, raisins, (dried pineapple when we order it), and sunflower seeds and eat as a healthy snack.  This is something we always have a jar of in the car for road trips.


  1. How are you buying those?I mean are they shipping them to you?

  2. There is a co-op in our area that orders together. Since Country Life has a $500 minimum order for the truck to deliver it's difficult for one family to meet that. So, several families get together to meet the $500 minimum. You can, however, have Country Life ship to you via UPS.

    Here is some info from their website : http://www.clnf.org/static.asp?htmltemplate=truckdeliveryinfo.html