Monday, October 31, 2011

I finally got some pickles!

We went on a cruise last week and stopped in Ponchatoula, Louisiana on the way back.  We found a neat little cafe called Paul's Cafe.  Great food for weary travelers!  Anyway, we were about to leave when we noticed a little craft/farmer's market across the street.  So, we stopped in.  Wouldn't you just know, they had a booth with homemade canned goods!  And they had pickles!  I could only find Bread and Butter but I'd rather have dill.  So, I asked the lady if maybe that booth had dill somewhere.  She read the jar in my hand and said, "These are ing pickles.  I've never had ing pickles.  Maybe they're like dill."  To clear up the confusion...the homemade label on the jar reads "ing: pickles, vinegar, asst spices."  Ing means ingredients!  It's not a type of pickle!  My husband almost lost control right there in the market but thankfully he made it outside before he couldn't contain his laughter anymore.
Thankfully, the other lady standing next to her did inform her that "ing" meant ingredients.  I just couldn't believe how serious she was!  She truly thought there was a type of pickle called an "ing pickle."
We'll not get into the fact that the label should have read "ing: cucumbers, vinegar, asst spices."  Whoever made these didn't start with pickles as an ingredient....she got pickles as a result of the pickling.  Brother....

At least I can rest easy knowing I finally got some pickles.
Here are the beautiful things!

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