Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Vote for Good Food!

You vote for President, local officials, PTA President and who should cater the company cookout.  So, why don't you vote for something even more important?  Vote for good food!
This is something that really intrigued me the first time I heard it.

When you go to the grocery store, your purchases are your votes.  For so long, Americans have purchased junk food like meat raised incorrectly, processed foods, breads with preservatives, juice with corn syrup, etc.  What were we thinking?  Why did anyone ever buy that stuff?  Well, it's cheap and it's always available.  However, I have noticed since we started eating more naturally, that it is becoming more and more popular.  Companies are starting to catch on too.  More consumers are starting to purchase foods with an "all natural" label so more companies are starting to offer foods that are more natural.  If you start to buy it, they will offer you more and, eventually, the price will go down.

So, just think about it the next time you go to the grocery store.  You don't have to buy everything natural (unless you're already convinced like I am) but choose a few things.  Spend a few cents more and buy the better chicken, the juice that doesn't contain anything but actual fruit juice, or the "all natural" peanut butter.  You will be able to chalk it up as a vote for better food and I assure you the food companies will notice.

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