Friday, October 7, 2011

Camping Food

Hotdogs, Smores, Bacon & Eggs, Soft Drinks, Chips, Sweets…..
Is that what you think of when you think about camping food?  Well, not if you believe in natural food!  Besides the meat being bad (even if they’re beef), most hotdogs contain nitrates and/or nitrites.  Most graham crackers have soybean oil and marshmallows contain Blue 1 for coloring.  Bacon is in the same category as hotdogs, store bought eggs are produced from chickens who eat food with antibiotics, most soft drinks contain Sodium Benzoate and corn syrup, chips are very artificial…just look at them, and most sweets contain refined sugar, corn syrup, coloring, etc.
Never fear!  Camping can still be fun and you don’t have to eat tree bark!  We’re leaving for a camping trip tomorrow in this….

 To plan meals, I make a list of each day and what we’ll be eating for breakfast, lunch and supper.  That way, I can stay organized and know what ingredients to pack.  Cereal for breakfast is always easy.  We buy a bran and raisin cereal that contains no high fructose corn syrup.  If we had access to farm fresh milk I would buy it but we don’t so I’m packing almond milk for this trip.  The almond milk we bought is from non-GMO almonds.  We take our own eggs and I also make drop biscuits from scratch (no need to knead these) with whole grain wheat flour.
Six beautiful, homegrown eggs ready to make the trip
I like to keep all meals easy so for lunch and supper we’ll eat spaghetti (whole wheat pasta and sauce sans corn syrup), fried potatoes (fried in coconut oil), hamburgers from home grown beef, chicken and dumplins (I’ll make it before we leave with chicken that contains no antibiotics, hormones or steroids), etc.  For the record, federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones and steroids in poultry.  However, look for a brand that doesn’t use antibiotics either.
We try not to eat many sweets but if you want them on your trip, make peanut clusters with cocoa, an unrefined sugar, and peanuts.  They’re easy and you can just leave them in the ice chest if it’s hot outside.
Eating natural on a camping trip is no harder than eating junk.  Just think outside the box…or wrapper or whatever that prepackaged stuff comes in.  My husband is always impressed when I turn out homemade biscuits, gravy and scrambled eggs from one burner in our little camper. 

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