Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pregnancy Cravings and Pickles

Right now, I am 11 weeks pregnant.  I’m over the nausea stage for the most part and now I’m just hungry.  I don’t put much stock into cravings because I feel like some women just make all that up.  Yes, there’s a baby growing inside of me but that doesn’t mean I have to eat everything in sight.
With that being said…I wish I had some pickles.  To be honest, I’ve wished that for a long time (even before I was pregnant).  It’s not just a pregnancy “want”, it’s an all the time want.  However, I have yet to find pickles that don’t contain Yellow 5 as a coloring or Sodium Benzoate as a preservative.  If you know of any, let me know because I’d like to buy LOTS of them. 
I’ve heard of women eating crazy things when they’re pregnant just because they’re “craving” it.  Let’s be honest though, should you eat something that is harmful to you and your baby just because you’re craving it?  No!  I’m not going to eat those pickles I badly want because it’s a poor choice.  We’re adults and we can choose to walk away.  So, the next time you crave a fast food burger remember it’s bad for you and that sweet little thing who is counting on you.

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