Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Blowing a Breaker

A couple nights ago, Mr. Right and I noticed that a few things in the house had quit working.  The lights in the kitchen were no longer on, the Caller ID didn't work, the toaster oven had quit (thankfully my apple pie was done and I was just heating up some supper!), our little space heater wasn't heating and a lamp in the den was off.  We quickly realized that we had blown a breaker.  Mr. Right went outside to flip it back on and it wouldn't stay on.  So...that means it's time to call an electrician.  What was that going to cost?

I decided that having those things out wasn't really that bad.  To me, it kind of seemed like living "back in the day."  Then, as we started discussing it further, we realized what we had done.  We had the toaster oven, the space heater and the deep freeze all plugged into the same circuit....which apparrently can't handle that.  Wait....the deep freeze?!?!?  It had been off all night before we realized it.  Thankfully, it's about 30 degrees outside so our beef didn't spoil.  The electrician came yesterday and after 100 big ones, we have power back.

I would like to live "back in the day" but can I take my deep freeze?

The $100 breaker...

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