Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mr. Right Felt the Baby Move!

I've been feeling the baby move for about 2 weeks now.  Well, my handsome Hubby got to feel it also!  For the first time, two nights ago, Hubby got to feel that little thump on his hand.  It was amazing.

Not too much longer (ha!) and that crib will have a sweet little baby in it.  Yes, the room is blue and we don't know the gender yet.  There is a favorite color is blue so if it's a girl, she will learn to like it too.

I'm thankful we know what we do about food and health.  We are already giving our child a good start due to what I eat and we can continue to do that as he/she grows.  I'm eager to teach our children the importance of good food and health...among other things.

Look out Daddy, your little one is kicking me right now.  Feels like we're going to have an active one!

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