Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cheap or Earth Friendly? You decide!

At our house, we call these napkins.  I found that buying paper towels/napkins wasn't economical so we were excited when we found these on sale one day.  We got 18 for $3!  Now, this is what we use at the supper table for a napkin.  I joke with guests that we're trying to save the world, one cloth napkin at a time.  :)

So what do you think?  Am I just cheap or would you do this too?


  1. Totally love the idea and I might actually have to do this if that's okay. Are these just washcloths or what are they exactly? And I tell people that I am saving plastic trees when they ask me if I'd like a bag at the store when I only have an item or two.

  2. They are just washcloths. Our supermarket usually puts them on sale this time of year (that's why they are Fall colors). A bundle for $3 is my kind of bargain!
    When we go to the store, we're always telling them not to bag certain things. For example, the bag of apples don't need to be put in another bag and the milk has a handle so don't bag that either.