Sunday, November 13, 2011

"Automatic" Egg Collector

We like having animals but we also like to travel.  When we first got the chickens and we left for a weekend, I would just cross my fingers and hope they didn't crack their eggs as they laid them in the nesting box all weekend.  With chickens, you could put a nesting box for each one of them in the coop but they will still use the same box even if it's already full of eggs.
Then I got this bright idea....
An "automatic" egg collector!
Now, they lay their eggs in the box and it rolls down into the plastic container!  No broken eggs at our house!  I lined the nexting box and the container with straw so the eggs roll softly.  That container will hold two dozen eggs and not one of them will get stepped on and broken by a chicken. 

Here is another view from inside the nesting box.  If you were an egg, this is what you would see...

You can tell in that photo how I cut the back of the crate out and the side of the container so the egg would have a path to travel.

The chickens don't mind that the box is elevated and slightly tilted.  At least, I don't think they mind.  They haven't formed a union and petitioned for better laying conditions yet.  So until they do, this is the way the eggs will be collected while we're gone!

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